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I'm almost all through my Turkey and Greece photos...finally! So I thought I'd give a little Mexico preview. I honestly did not take too many pictures in Mexico, I was there for a work trip, but managed to get a week of vacation before the work trip (which was only 3 days long) and then another 2 days after. And no...I was not all vacationed out, in fact I could have been perfectly happy with another week. I don't understand people who are "vacationed out"...I can work in anywhere, including paradise. Anyways...I spent a lot of time just....chilling on the beach, and fighting off an unfortunate pineapple allergy, made worse since almost every margarita drink has pineapple juice. All of this, while nice, did not provide proper photography opportunities.

I've got some crazy travel plans for the rest of the year so here it goes:

  • Philadelphia: For UPenn's Spring sister goes there...I'm not just flying to Philly for Spring Fling
  • Miami: Hello Beach! Plus two friends from college
  • Montreal: For the excellent Jazz festival and as a poor Europe substitute in case my Europe trip doesn't pan out
  • New Orleans: Still a vague plan, but mainly because it sounds cool and Solange lives there
  • California: Multiple trips to see family in Sacramento, with some potential visits to LA, SF, Yosemite, and a currently vague and unplanned college-visit-road-trip-with-the-brother. The roadtrip is slightly problematic seeing as I can't drive, but it'll figure itself out.
  • [Insert 2-3 countries in Africa or Asia or South America or Europe]: For my big and currently formless summer trip that I'm hoping to take in either June or August with either myself, my sister, another friend from college or some friends from work....I should obviously teach classes on how to plan your life right?
  •  Rio de Janeiro (or Nigeria): For the Christmas/New Years break. Rio because who wouldn't want that, and especially just before the Olympics. And Nigeria, because if my family finally decides to go, I'm ditching all other plans and going home.
  • Ubiquitous Work Travel: I fly out every Monday and fly back every Thursday for work (I'm a consultant), and my work takes me to many glamorous Ohio. This does not exactly count, but it does help fund some other travel via points that take a year to save up since I'm currently flying to a city only 45 minutes away by air.
  • I must confess that I am one of those idiots who did not cough up the money to buy the ridiculously cheap Etihad tickets to Dubai ($250) and Johannesburg ($400). Yes I am an idiot. Go ahead and shame me.

So in the meantime, while I get my life together to go on these trips, or half-formed notions, you can enjoy some heavily filtered Instagram pictures of my time in Cancun.

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